What’s an Open Festival?

You’ll see Mozilla’s ethos of “open” in action at the festival – it’s about making concepts and projects 1) easy to understand, 2) easy to share, remix and build on, and 3) welcoming to all participants, from any background. Open Eugene Festival is a great space to experience and experiment with this approach—we call it “working open”

The Festival is part hack-a-thon, part conference, part art exhibition. We are working with learners & leaders to help citizens of Eugene open projects, improve collaboration, and inspire the community. Here’s a 5-minute explainer video from Mark Davis

Open Data :: Open Software :: Open Hardware :: Open Projects

Participants can learn from Mozilla Open Leaders the basics of running open projects. Various local projects from teams at the University of Oregon (Open Data), Downtown Eugene artists (Open Hardware), Local Software Companies (Open Source Software) will be “Working Open” through the weekend in hands-on workshops. Bring your own projects and we’ll help you pick the right open source or creative commons license to help share your work with the world. Bring your energy and we’ll help you collaborate.

When & Where

Open Eugene Fest will be happening Friday-Saturday December 14th & 15th 2018. Location is TBD but will definitely be downtown, Eugene.

Submit a project

We are looking for projects that collaborators can work on during the event. Maybe you have a project that is up and running but not open-sourced. We can help take you to the next level. Perhaps you have an idea for a project and would like to start it out by working in the open. We can get you started. Or maybe you have some data stuck in a flat file somewhere you’d like to see made available to the world or have a PI built. That works too! We’d love to build community connections between projects and contributors.

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Submit programming

Do you have a case study to talk about, or plans to provide open-data? Can teach a class on using Github pages, or lead a workshop on inclusiveness. These are all examples of programming we’d love to make part of the event.

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